Hi, I’m Paul Hagen

There was a time when I thought personal growth was something they could do, but not me. I told myself I wasn’t interested. I distanced myself from anything that could improve me or help me reach my full potential to avoid another defeat.

That changed in 2021. I reached a point where I couldn’t pretend to be content with my circumstances or myself anymore. The fear of failing was gone because the fear of the future I was heading for was worse. In June, I decided to give my full focus on personal growth to reach the potential I hoped was hidden somewhere deep inside.

Through the process, I noted every setback, every success, and every lesson. I journaled about what I had done and how it affected me. After more than a year of doing this, I revisited my old notes and was amazed by how much I’d learned. I began to wonder how I could use this knowledge to improve the world and help young people in a similar situation as I was.

In August 2022, I began planning for the blog you’re reading now. In October that year, I felt ready and published my first 3 posts about habits.

Today I work to regularly update the website next to my studies, but my main focus is still on self-improvement. I guess it always will be.

How can i help you?

Hagen growth is intended to help people who aren’t satisfied with their lives. Help those who want to get better and reach their full potential. This site will help you do so by helping you:

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The articles you’ll read on this site are a reflection of my experiences. Most of the information has been fact-checked with reliable sources to ensure that I don’t spread more misinformation.

Other interests

Self-improvement is my passion, but it isn’t my only interest. Here are 6 things I enjoy but rarely write about.

Working out

I love working out. The gym is where I spend most of my time besides writing. It helps me practice discipline that I can use in other areas of my life. 


I spend an hour every night reading, and books were crucial for my growth. I prefer self-help, psychology, and philosophy. You can find my favorite books here.

Exploring the world

I love to explore. New parts of my city, new countries, and new cultures. The feeling of being an outsider and everything feeling new and fresh makes me feel like a kid again.


I never thought I would love yoga as much as I do, but today I couldn’t live without it. I practice every night and continue to be amazed at how much my body can do.


I meditate as often as possible, sometimes several times a day. Life becomes easier when you have a place of peace within yourself.


I’m fascinated with how people can take their dreams and turn them into reality. I love starting things myself or helping my friends succeed with theirs.